Cilla Lewenhaupt-Herpe was born in Sweden in 1950 where she was educated until she went to finishing school in England.
The marked contrast between Swedish home cooking and English school fare opened up an interest in gastronomy which has never ceased to develop according to the countries she has lived in and come to love, and which later on, blossomed into a passion for writing cookery books. These books are also works of art, including humorous illustrations, by Maud LEWENHAUPT DU JEU - and amusing tales concerning the recipes and their origins.
This interest in food even influenced her other lifelong passion and professional interest in horses, ones in need of therapy, which Cilla administered in the form of food and love combined.
Cilla’s interest in art also began early on in her variegated career.

From 1966 on, she moved between collaborating with printers and artists, curating, and exhibiting at art fairs in Europe.
In 1989 she began her own publishing company for artist books and prints, and in 1995 she extended her activities to the creation of an art gallery 50 km from Paris on the edge of the Rambouillet woods.

This activity as a publisher led to the edition of her two latest cookery books on and about Swedish recipes, books in which each dish is spiced up with its own special story. This book, available in English and French, has recently been acknowledged as clever, deep and witty. In short, as absolutely fantastic.

available directly from Cilla on or on A Swedish Kitchen